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AIIC contribute to the actualization of low-carbon society, which the Japanese government is promoting, by sharing information and improving technology about algae and encouraging growth and mutual development of various algae industries.

AIIC  Activities

  1. Research on industrial utilization of algae and related technological development subjects
  2. Collection, provision, and exchange of domestic and foreign study and information regarding algae
  3. Communication between corporations, organizations, governments, and municipalities about the research of algae
  4. Dispatch of information to international conferences and symposia about the research of algae
  5. Hosting seminars, lectures, research meetings, and workshops
  6. Publication of bulletin, journal, and other prints
  7. Information transmission from the web-site
  8. Education, training, social contribution, etc. regarding algae study
  9. Promotion of communication, cooperation, and friendliness between members



Birth of AIIC with 7 researchers and 15 companies as prime movers


Construction of a R&D roadmap for incubation of profitable algal biomass industries in Japan with support from the project by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Project

  • Shifted to general incorporated association
  • Partnering with Algae Biomass Organization
  • Hosted International Symposium on Algal Biomass “The Benefits of Algae to All Humankind”
  • Start of Fukushima’s next generation renewable energy technological development project with support from the project by Fukushima prefecuture