AIIC Mission

The power of algae is recently being revalued. It has been realized that algae have potential ability to substitute fossil fuels and materials for chemical industries. This is because algae are able to accumulate extraordinary amounts of oil compared with terrestrial oil-crops . Thus, algae may substitute fossil fuels, and producing algae and food crops does not conflict in principle.

Algae Industry Incubation Consortium, Japan was established in June 2010 to contribute to the incubation of algae industry and the actualization of low-carbon society, which is being promoted by the Japanese government. The Consortium shifted to non-profitable general incorporated association in April 2013. The Consortium has become the largest group in this field in Japan; number of regular members (organizational and individual members) of the Consortium is over a hundred by now.

Objective of the Consortium is the early establishment of algae industry by researching on industrial utilization of algae and related technological development subjects, collecting, providing, and exchanging domestic and foreign study and information regarding algae and activities including technological development with the participation of member enterprises.